Brain Over Binge: Releasing Destructive Eating Habits

Date: Feb 3, 2024
Time: 9:45am – 10:25am AEST
Speaker: Kathryn Hansen

kathryn hansen (1)

Join Kathryn as she shares her own story of binge eating recovery while imparting valuable brain-based concepts that have helped her and others achieve freedom from these destructive behaviors with food.

Discover the roots of binge eating, often triggered by dieting and rooted in survival mechanisms of the primitive brain. Kathryn delves into the reward system process that reinforces binge eating and turns it into a self-perpetuating habit or addiction. She also explores why traditional therapy and emotional analysis missed the mark for her in addressing the real problem at the brain and body level.

Learn how Kathryn harnessed the power of mindfulness and neuroplasticity to decondition the binge eating habit and relearn normal eating. Kathryn’s insights and strategies offer a path to lasting freedom from binge eating and the chance to embrace a nourishing and balanced life.