Breaking Free of Addiction: Getting + Staying Sober

Date: Feb 4, 2024
Time: 1:00pm – 1:55pm AEST
Speaker: David Wilson

David Wilson

In this moving session, David Wilson narrates his lifelong journey with alcohol, beginning in his youth amidst the backdrop of South London. His story is marked by early trauma and a continuous struggle with alcohol, often using it as a means to numb emotional pain and seek acceptance. David’s candid recounting of his multiple attempts at moderation, his eventual ‘rock bottom,’ and the divine intervention that spurred his sobriety in 2019 is both motivational and heartfelt.

Now, as sobriety coach and speaker SoberDave, David dedicates his life to helping others achieve sobriety, focusing on individualized recovery paths and addressing the underlying trauma. His approach, which includes nervous system regulation and mindset shifts, provides a beacon of hope for those fighting their own battles with addiction.