Drugs Do Not Discriminate: Breaking Out of the Cycle

Date: Feb 3, 2024
Time: 1:45pm – 2:25pm AEST
Speaker: Glenn Munso

Glenn Munso

Listen to Glenn Munso share his remarkable journey, with real-life stories from his past of selling drugs, having an addiction and being stuck in a very vicious cycle.

In his powerful talk, Glenn unveils the transformative principles that helped him break free from addiction and find a path to recovery. Discover how he reconnected with his authentic self, built mental resilience, and embraced a healthier lifestyle. Glenn’s story isn’t just about addiction; it’s a compelling narrative of resilience, recovery, and the rediscovery of self.

It’s about building strength and learning the lessons from hardships, developing yourself and finding out what it means to do YOU and be YOU – to be true to yourself. Prepare to be inspired, educated, and motivated to make lasting positive changes – especially if you’ve felt stuck in a difficult cycle too!