Regret, Forgiveness + HookUp Culture

Date: Feb 3, 2024
Time: 9:00am – 9:40am AEST
Speaker: Trina Turner

Trina Turner

In this powerful session, Trina shares her personal story, offering a deep understanding of her background and the profound changes she underwent after giving up alcohol almost two years ago. Trina delves into the complex topics of regret, forgiveness, and hookup culture and provides valuable tips and tools for forgiving yourself for things you regret. Specifically speaking about hookup culture, and all the ways she used hooking up as a form of self-harm.

Trina’s story of navigating regret and admitting her own vulnerabilities after getting sober is both relatable and inspiring. Learn how to let go of the past, release self-judgment, and love every version of yourself. Discover the freedom and empowerment that come from embracing your journey, no matter where you’ve been.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain tangible insights and reclaim your self-worth in a culture often marked by regrets. Join us for a candid and transformative discussion led by someone who has walked the path to self-love and sobriety.