The Compulsion to Escape: Rethinking Your Vices

Date: Feb 2, 2024
Time: 11:00am – 11:55am AEST
Speaker: Ryan Hassan & Matt Kay

Ryan & Matt 3

The Compulsion to Escape lies within all human beings. This compulsion drives drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling, co-dependancy, mindless scrolling, working ourself into the ground, emotional eating….the list goes on.

Let’s spend some time talking about this mechanism. What is it? What drives it? How can we be free from it’s grip on our life? Instead of looking at the behaviour showing up on the surface, let’s take a peek under the hood. You’ll never look at your vices the same again.

Join Ryan Hassan and Matt Kay, two of the most prominent trauma and addictions experts in Australia. They are known for their somatic modality, Embodied Processing and the impact of their educational courses which have supported over 50,000 students worldwide to create lasting change.