The Dopamine Diagnosis: Undiagnosed ADHD or an Eating Disorder?

Date: Feb 4, 2024
Time: 12:15pm – 12:55pm AEST
Speaker: Stephanie Georgiou

Stephanie Georgiou

Explore the fascinating connection between ADHD and binge eating with psychologist Stephanie Georgiou. If you’ve grappled with overeating or an unhealthy relationship with food, this session is your guide to transformation.

Stephanie uncovers the link between undiagnosed ADHD and eating disorders, offering insights into how these challenges often intersect. Discover how dopamine, attention, and impulse control impact your eating habits.

This isn’t just about understanding; it’s about empowerment. Stephanie provides practical strategies to help you regain control over your relationship with food and your life. Join us for this enlightening discussion and take actionable steps toward a healthier, balanced life. Break free from binge eating and unleash your potential.