The Power of Discipline + Non Negotiables to Set You Free

Date: Feb 4, 2024
Time: 9:00am – 9:40am AEST
Speaker: Dan Karaty

Dan Karaty

Dan Karaty exemplifies the transformative force of discipline and predictability in this captivating talk. He candidly reveals how the structured routine born out of his recovery journey extended its influence into every facet of his life. The disciplined bedtime, unwavering morning rituals, and commitment to daily progress that kept him sober, spilled over into every other aspect of his life and ultimately set him free to be his fullest self.

This session imparts the simplicity and profound impact of these practices, offering a pathway to a more fulfilling, connected, and productive existence. Join Dan as the talk guides you to get Unstuck, Unfucked, and Unleashed, unlocking the potential within the power of discipline.