Holistic Transformation Coach |

Ash Butterss is a Holistic Transformation Coach and the creator of Behind The Smile – a recovery podcast designed to expose and remove the stigma around mental health, trauma and addiction.

After making the decision to get sober in 2020, Ash set out on a mission, quitting her corporate job and diving deeply into the world of self-development and recovery. Her mission is to smash through the stereotype that surrounds addiction and to help people live a fulfilled life connected to their purpose.

Today, Ash works with people helping them to realise their full potential by stepping out from behind the smile and creating a meaningful life connected to their purpose. As a trained yoga and meditation practitioner, Ash takes on a holistic approach to transforming mind, body and spirit.

Contact Ash:

IG: https://www.instagram.com/ashbutterss
Website: https://ashbutterss.com/