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Nick Pollard, Born in April of 1980, is a world-renowned coach and speaker specializing in People Pleasing, Codependency, and Addiction. With over 50 million views on his social media channels, Nick has become a thought leader in personal growth and change. He ranks in the top 10% of coaches worldwide.

Nick had a (in his own words) less-than-ideal childhood. His father was an alcoholic, workaholic, se* abuser. The latter would later push Nick to his psychological end, which landed him in a hospital in 2009. After that, Nick struggled mightily to hold his life together but could not (or so he felt) battle the mounting demons and turned to drugs and alcohol to solve the problem. It did not solve the problem, and roughly 9 years later, a change had to be made. Nick willingly checked himself into rehab, and the PeopleDisPleaser was born.

Since then, Nick has traveled the world, learning and helping others and communicating his journey. His love for seeing people grow and the “light bulb go on and then explode” is what he credits, his drive. Nick has formed and sold many companies and been very successful in business. His first entrepreneurial venture at age ten was door sales in his car wash company that would later net him enough money to buy fireworks for the Fourth of July. “My parents said we did not have any money. I knew that was a lie, but I went anyway. I have made my own money since.”

If you ask Nick what he feels the key to success is, he would say, “Do the work. It is not fashionable or even slightly pretty. Just do the work.” He enjoys walking on the beach, working out, and traveling. He spends time with his two cats, Azula and Zuko, and reads and works when he is not on the road.

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