Trauma + Human Potential Expert |

Emily’s story of trauma and transformation is the epitome of “defying all odds” built to keep a person in patterns of suffering.

From her history with childhood trauma and sexual abuse, bullying, addiction spirals and abusive relationships, to walking headfirst into the underbelly of the sex industry from a place of self-harm, Emily has become an awe-inspiring Leader in facing our deepest wounds, reclaiming our identity and deciding who we are despite the trials of our past.

As a qualified Trauma Healer, Spiral Practitioner and Human Potential Expert, Emily is on a mission to help her clients release what was never theirs to carry, LOVE who they truly are, access their soul gifts & consciously create the life and purpose of their dreams – as opposed to landing inside an unwanted fate.

Em’s story of “mistaken identity”, resilience and personal empowerment as a generational cycle breaker, will help you un-shame yourself from the circumstances of your past, and allow you to awaken into who you’ve been – all along.

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