Trauma Educator, Nervous System Coach |

Lindsey Lockett is a trauma educator, nervous system coach, and the host of the Holistic Trauma Healing Podcast. After leaving behind the dogmas of fundamentalist religion and toxic wellness culture, Lindsey experienced her own dark night of the soul. During the healing journey that followed, she realized that trauma affects us as WHOLE people and therefore, we need to heal as WHOLE people.

Although Lindsey has benefitted tremendously from therapy and psychiatry, these modalities never totally resonated with her because she found that they forced her to fragment herself rather than heal holistically.

Through lived experience, trial and error, and lots of self-led learning, Lindsey healed herself through conscious awareness, nervous system healing, and the integration of fragmented parts to support her whole self.

Now, she works with clients all over the world through private and group coaching and one-of-a-kind workshop experiences with her trademarked modality, Holistic Trauma Healing.

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